Hello everyone! My name Anastasia. I am Sarasota photographer and I have already shot happy people for 12 years!

I truly know how important it is to capture every moment. Our today is unique and will never be repeated. Tomorrow we will look differently, think differently and wear another clothing - this is why it is important to take pictures of ourselves as often as possible.

For 12 years, I was practically convinced that there are no non-photogenic people! And I know the secrets of how to look beautiful in your photographs. Partly because of this, my photoshoots are called a psychotherapy session.

You can contact me if you need:

  • wedding photo 
  • love story 
  • family shoot
  • pregnancy shoot
  • event shoot
  • bachelorette party shoot
  • self brand shoot

On the site, at the top of each page, you can click and see prices for each type of filming. You don't have to waste your time waiting for my reply.


I would be glad to meet you!


wedding and family photographer Anastasia Kushnir.